Good News for Manufacturing - 1/19/2017

January 20 ushers in a new administration that promises to make things better for America and for American manufacturing.  This is a good thing.  To quote William Levinson, “there are exa... Read the full story

2016 Arrow Golf Outing - 10/12/2016

 Every year (or so) we get together and play a little golf to have some fun outside of work.  Last month fourteen o... Read the full story

Happy Labor Day - 9/1/2016

Happy Labor Day to the guys and gals that get their hands dirty for a living.  Enjoy the weekend, you’ve earned it. ... Read the full story

Time for training - 8/17/2016

This is our fifth HMC so we’re not exactly newbies when it comes to these amazing machines, but we still have a few things to learn.  This machine is almost 10 years newer than our other f... Read the full story

Happy Birthday Nick Hawley - 7/18/2016

This new 630mm Mori arrived just time to celebrate Nick Hawley's 84th birthday.

... Read the full story

Our New & Improved Assembly Department - 7/7/2016

The Assembly area is bigger, cleaner and better organized.  It’s also located immediately adjacent to quality and engineering.  These are just a few of the improvements we... Read the full story

Social Expansion - 6/16/2016

We've added new ways to connect. We now have Twitter and Linked In along with Facebook ... Read the full story

New Garage - 6/12/2016

We added a storage garage to the south side of our building to help make room for our new DMG-Mori due to arrive later this month.  Stay tuned for detai... Read the full story

Arrow has launched their new site! - 5/24/2016

The site is up, but will be a continual WIP for the near future. ... Read the full story

Arrow Engineering to launch new website - 3/21/2016

As part of our continual improvement for our clients and customers, we are in the process of launc... Read the full story